Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Blue German Shepherd

I was always told that if you breed dogs long enough you will run across something new. Last year I had my first blue puppy. When Katelyn had her firsts pup it was a gray color. Now mind you I witness this breeding and there was no way any other male could have bred Katelyn. I was floored!!! After calling my breeder friend and emailing her pictures I was told it was a blue. I bred the same female to a different male the next time around and the litter was 1/2 blues. We as breeders do not intentionally want blues or breed for them. It is a recessive gene that will carry down from generations. It takes both parents to carry this gene. They are a truly beautiful dog and are so unique. Aftr doing my research on I found this website for blue German Shepherds
Here are 2 pictures of my blue boy Acea, (he is in a loving home) one as a puppy and the other at a year old.After having this experience I read as much information on the blues as I could find. The reason why they are hard to find (they are not rare) is many breeders put down their blues. Blue is just a color nothing more. I refuse to put down a good dog due to color! I will not breed a blue. They have the same health issues as any color shepherd. AKC Does Recognized the color, However you can not show them in the conformation ring. Blues make wonderful companions and family members. So if you own a blues German Shepherd ENJOY!!!


Kyra said...

Deb! Your site and blog look amazing! Just in time for my book, which features yours truly. Hopefully it will bring you some traffic.

boobunny said...
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boobunny said...

Hello Deb! My german shepherd just had 7 pups, and two were blue, one solid and one blue and tan, I was soo happy, we didnt try to get them but i'm glad we did! I own the mom and dad, mom is a solid white and dad a pure black, so i was happy to see a blue one!! love the blog and will be back more to see more, my pups are on my blog, check them out if ya want!!