Sunday, March 30, 2008

Start Smart

One thing about German Shepherds they are one of the smartest breeds and you need to be on top of them, or be smarter :). I have always told my clients that as a puppy they will have you figured out in the first two days after leaving my home. One thing with my dogs, they know I'M the pack leader. This starts from the time they are born. Sometimes a puppy will go to a home and they are treated like children. Wouldn't it be nice if they thought like us. They don't. They need a pack leader. Some Shepherds want to be the Alpha. This can not happen. You are the Leader and number one. Start with a good obedience, basic obedience and house manners should start my the time they are 9 weeks old. When looking for a obedience teacher, PLEASE go to the class first without the dog. Watch how the instructor deals with his clients and their dogs. If I see an instructor manhandle a dog, I'M out of there! Second step is to
introduce your dog to the instructor. Now that you have found your teacher for the new addition in your family, its time to work as a team. You, Dog and instructor.
I'M very fortunate. I happen to live close to Luther Evans from Evolution Dog Training. He travels up and down CA training dogs. I have know Luther for 12 years and what a wonderful trainer. He has taken a few of my dogs and has turned them around. (they weren't bad, just needed a firm hand)

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