Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diva finished her Championship April 6th, 2008. Diva needed 4 points to finish. At the Yosemite Kennel club we managed to pick up 4 points and going Best of Breed all 4 days. My girl did good!!! Diva has managed to pick up 7 Best of Breed placements in her short career. Its not over for us. We have just begun! Diva will be tested for herding in the next few weeks and then we will special her till January. After that who knows. Maybe puppies???


Chenille Shih Tzu's said...

Congradulations on " Champion Diva" Great job on the slide show, it was exciting watching her get her championship. She is a gorgeous girl, with excellent movement.

Debby White said...

Thanks Peg. I was very happy you were there to share this special moment. said...

Great video Debby, your site looks good!
Congratulations to all!

xoxo Anna