Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deblyns German Shepherds working ability

One thing I can say about German Shepherds, they are so versatile in so many working areas. Dawn Poston and her husband, Stephen came out to our home about two years ago. That is when they met Boomer and fell in love. Boomer was 12 weeks old when he went to live with Stephen and Dawn. They are one of the best families, they keep me updated on Boomer. Here are a few letters they have written me over the past two years. Boomer will be going to Rally and competing in Agility.

Hi Debby,
Today we put a DVD in the mail for you. It's of Boomer's graduation
from Novice Rally Class. It was a mock trial. In the first course
you'll see him turning his head toward where the camera is taking the
film. There were about twenty people sitting there watching. Among
them was "Daddy". Part of the teacher's comments at the end weren't
captured on tape. She is an AKC Rally judge and she said "this dog
would have gotten a very high score. He would have Q'ed and received
first place among the dogs that were here." There were about ten in
the class! Hurrah for Boomer.
In the second class you will see that it is I who makes the error!
We are entered in Rally in San Mateo the 27th & 29th of this month.
Boomer is going to put Deblyn's Shepherds on the map for
PERFORMANCE!!! He's a wonderful boy and we love him dearly. If you
could see him with puppy Pardner you would swell with pride. He's so
good with him.
Well, when you get the DVD and watch it I can't wait to hear what you
think about the sweet boy you bred! Hugs, Dawn


Debby, please let me add my comments to Dawn's accolades... I've had Shepherds most of my life. They are my favorite breed. Boomer is the BEST. Never have I enjoyed a GSD as much as I do Boomer. Thank you and God bless you for the joy and pleasure and wonderfulness you've given us in Boomer.Steve


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