Thursday, January 15, 2009

Solid Black German Shepherd

Iam very fond of the solid black German shepherds. To me there is nothing prettier. Brando is a great example of the black German Shepherd. He weighs 94 lbs, has a beautiful head, tight feet, and is fluid in motion. Brando is not extreme in the rear, but very well balanced. I will be offering Brando at stud after he is OFA certifide. Which I don't see a problem. Sire is OFA good, Dam is OFA excellent. Brando has had one litter of pups to a long coat female and there are no coats in the litter which means Brando is free of the coat gene. ITs very hard to find a Black shepherd that doesn't carry the coat gene. Here are some pictures of my black shepherds I have bred in the past. To see more Black German Shepherds please go to my website Deblyns German Shepherds

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