Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rocco and Luna Puppies

Once in a while you have a friend you really call a good friend. This is my good friend Anna's letter that she wrote about her dogs.

My name is Anna and I am a blog-aholic.

Today I want to blog about about my German Shepherds, like I say in my dog blog.... "My journey starts with Luna & Rocco, my first shepherds. They came to me as 8 week olds with floppy ears, puppy breath and a naughty-ness that keeps me busy and in love with the breed!".

It all started two years ago while working out with my friend Debby, she came in the door and announced to us that her dog Lisa had only one puppy.
Not really knowing much about the usual amount of babies shepherds birth, I didn't think that was odd, but she was not happy about this poor puppy being an only child.

So as weeks went by, I heard lots about "Una", meaning one in spanish, how poor baby had no litter mates to play with and mommy wasn't very nurturing and how it was time to leave the White house for a special permanent home with no takers.

See where I am going with this?

Well, on a visit to the White house shortly after, my friend Debby comes out with this darling puppy and of course it was at first sight,
now you must know, that back home I already had 4 dogs and my husband was not gonna be happy with me if I came home with another dog.

But I did it any way and this is the beginning of my German Shepherd family!

Check back again for the rest of the story....I need to go write a post on my blog

Chow, Anna

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