Thursday, June 11, 2009

German Shepherds The Regal Breed.

Of all the breeds of dogs the German Shepherd is by far the most noblest of breeds. Head held high, ears alert and expression able eyes. Their intelligence is so keen and alert.

In the beginning the German shepherd was used for herding sheep. They watched their flock as they now watch their families. They were designed to be a medium size dog not large or small.

As time progressed people started noticing how versatile the German Shepherds was. German Shepherds are used for search and rescue, bomb detection, therapy dog for children and the elderly, Police dogs, herding livestock, and best of all loyal family members.

The American Kennel Club offers many performance titles for dogs, cd (Companion dog), cdx Companion dog excellence), ud (utility dog), udx (utility dog Excellence), rally, herding and agility. German shepherds excel on all of these events.

With the understanding of the German shepherd, you decided if they are the noblest of breed.

Deblyns German Shepherds

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