Saturday, February 20, 2010

When Dogs Fight

I have had many questions over the 20 years as a breeder about dog fighting. In my own personal expeirience, it is not wise to have two of the same sex dogs play together without supervision.

Depending on the breed they might play together for years, then one day they wake up and decide not to play nice anymore. Some bitches will fight to kill, while the males with fight for dominance.... in other words "who will be the top dog".

Anytime you get more then two dogs together they will form a pack, and if dogs are left on their own they will make their own rules. This is why dogs need to know you are the alpha leader, teaching obedience and respect.

Let me clarify that all breeds will fight for domainance among themselves if they are allowed to do so. This is why its so important to show that you are the alpha leader.

Things to remember if you have a dog fight:

  • Do not panick

  • Do not get in the middle of it

  • Water hoses work in separating a dog fight if you get to them early

  • Most importantly: Keep children away. they should walk away, NOT RUN. Dogs will be engrossed in their own battle, but if they see a child run they will look at the child as prey.

Here are my suggestions on how to avoid a dog fight:

  • Early puppy socialization with other dogs and people

  • Obedience training

  • Spay or neuter your dog at an early age

  • Crate train

  • Supervise play time if you own more than one dog

  • Avoid off leash dog parks

  • Make sure your dog has a secure fenced yard

  • As a general rule, large dogs and small dogs don't mix well

And remember.....
always love your dog daily!

*I hope this information has been a helpful tool for you, if you have any of your own suggestions or tips, please leave a comment!

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