Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi all this is my first blog. Post what you want and remember to enjoy yourselves.


Anna said...

Hi Debbie!
Congradulations on your new blog page!
If any one has any questions about Debbie or her shepards, let me tell you...her love for these dogs is so genuine, along with her commitment to quality breeding and business ethics.
I have had such a wonderful experience with her and my new puppy!!
thanks Debbie...xoxo Anna! said...

Hi Debbie!
I love that picture of Boomer!
Congratulations on your new blog
Have fun! Come to Texas for some shows!

Paula said...

Hi Debby,
I'll let everyone know that your German Shepherds are the best, they have beauty, intelligence, movement, and temperaments to die for, superb quality and wonderful family members.
Hanna is one of a kind and I'm sure that Riley will also become great, after all she is only 12 weeks old and already spoiled rotten.. LOL...
Thanks again