Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My girl

In thinking in the past I wonder what Katie would have done. Would she be proud? Katie was my foundation bitch. Everything you could have asked in a dog. So smart, willing to please. She was my girl.

I got Katie at 16 months. Her former owners were divorcing and she needed a home. I was there for Katie. I remember picking her up and she sat in the front seat passenger side with her head held high, looking out the window. When we arrived home she walked in my house as if she lived there for ever. She was my girl.

We got her started in Obedience and she surpassed herself. Lisa Moore with Top Notch Traning was her trainer and she told me if we work hard enough we could get her in Dog World. I never did ( shame on me. How I regret that.) She was my girl.

We went to the Sacramento Dog Fair and Kate got to shake hands with Timmy who was with Lassie. Lassie was there. We then entered Katie in the ball catch. It was awesome. I tough Katie to watch. She never let her eyes drift from my face. We beat all 30 dogs. I would step back and she would watch. We even beat the Aussies. She was my girl.

I bred Katie to Merick's Firestorm. TC, OFA. What a match!!! This is when I got Deblyns Fullhouse Desire AKA Hanna. I bred her to Stormy 2'xs. Katie was a wonderful mother. She was my girl.

Katie after motherhood went to get her TDI( therapy dog ) which she sailed through with flying colors. She loved to visited rest homes and hospitals. She was so good with children! She was my girl.

Katie could go over an A frame as if it was a walk in the park. Katie was not a small dog, she was 28" at the shoulder and weighed in at 90 lbs. She was a big girl. She was my girl.

There are so many good things to say about Katie it would take a life time. She is how I got my email address and she is also my logo on my website.

I lost Katie at 9 years old. She passed away by my bedroom window. She is now buried by our mail box with her ball. She was my girl.

I miss you Katie. Your legacy lives on. Love mom!

If you have stoies about your dog, I know people would love to hear them.


Kyra said...

Debby, the blog is looking great! It would be nice to see a photo of Katie. Photos or video are great additions for your posts. Keep up the great work!!!


Pam said...

Tahoe was my "Katie". She was my girl! We went to an agility fun match and signed up for a tracking event. She had never done it and neither had I. We were supposed to lay a track and then hide behind a blind they had set up. It was hard for the dogs because everyone was walking over the area to lay a track. It was our turn and I was not the least worried, I looked at Tahoe and said,Tahoe focus and then find me. The "handler" took her out of site and I layed my track and hid behind the blind. They brought her out and I gave a whistle, they said go find mom girl. Well she put her nose in the air and then to ground and then to air and then locked in on my sent, using both air and ground she found me in under 30sec. I was laughing so hard, she beat the "titled tracking" dog by 5 seconds! It was a simple track but she was amazing, we took 4 ribbons home that day, all for things we had never tried before. I miss her every day! 11 years were not enough, but I do have Bear!
Love your Blog!!

julie said...

Debby, we love Katie too, because she gave us our beloved Rosie in 1993. We had 14 and a half years with the most beautiful, loving and loyal German Shepherd ever. We are so glad to have found you again so we can now have years of fun with our little "Nala". Thank you for breeding such gorgeous examples of the best breed of dog on the face of the earth!