Friday, August 3, 2007

Post Your German Shepherds Photos

This site is a tribute to the German Shepherd dog. Please feel free to post your photos. And please tell us something about your dog.


Paula said...

Tripper is the ultimate GSD, he has the beauty, bone, movement, structure, and an awesome temperament, he is what I have always looked for in the "Total Dog"!

Shannon said...


So excited to see Zoe and I on your home blog page. She is absolutely adorable and we love her and Zeke so very much (both Tripper puppies, so agree with Paula's comment above). Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with raising and breeding such beautiful, strong, and smart GSD's.

AnnaMaria said...

I also have puppies from Debby...and they are soooo sweet & beautiful,and as we all know some days challenging but do i love these dogs!!
i am looking forward to showing, herding & some day breeding, of course with Debby as my guide!